railway children:

The railway children charity help runaway kids all over the world, but we convinced them to concentrate on a UK message to fill 32 electronic billboards donated by London underground.

Over 100,000 young children runaway from home every year in this country. Many of them are escaping abusive or violent parents and are never even reported missing.

It’s a shocking story, but how do you tell it in a way that encourages people to donate rather than switch off ?

Our idea, based around the nativity being the most famous example of children sleeping rough, managed to avoid cliched ‘hoodie’ imagery and proved a big success – both emotionally and financially.

We also created a 90 second viral version of the commercial which ran on Railway children’s website and You tube.

Taking advantage of a relationship the charity had with Aviva we then commandered a mini-bus full of volunteers and set about placing real cribs at 9 key sites around London.

With the help of a PR agency to publicise our guerilla media idea, the story was picked up by a number of key news channels the next day..

Heavyweight politicians including Cameron and Clegg commented on the cause and several TV channels have since championed the charity – including Channel 4’s ‘Despatches’.

The film was just part of a multi-media campaign we produced on a shoestring budget. It helped the charity smash their previous year’s donations and raised their profile to new unprecedented levels.

Sometimes it’s better to give than to receive.


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